Securities Finance

BUCKLER Securities LLC offers a method for investors to participate in the Repurchase Agreement market. We concentrate our Repurchase Agreement (“repo”) activity with select counterparties, using the highest quality collateral, comprised of highly liquid U.S. Treasury, Agency Debenture, Agency Mortgage Backed, and Investment Grade Corporate Securities.

Sales and Trading

BUCKLER Securities LLC participates in trading in the OTC fixed income markets on both an agency and principal basis. All trading is executed with broker-dealers, banks, registered investment advisors, funds and other institutional clients. BUCKLER Securities LLC trades mortgage-backed securities as well as government-issued and corporate fixed income securities.

Securities Underwriting

BUCKLER Securities LLC participates as an underwriter in public offerings, engaging primarily in firm commitments, as well as entertaining situations in which it is invited to act on a best efforts or standby basis. BUCKLER’s underwriting activities include fixed income and equity distributions, as well as offerings of public and private mortgage backed securities and REITs.

M&A Advisory

BUCKLER Securities LLC provides advisory services to both public and private companies that are considering mergers and/or acquisitions.

As with all securities and securities-related products, there are risks associated with investing which include potential loss of principle.